Meaning of BATTERY in English

/ ˈbætri; NAmE ; -təri/ noun ( pl. -ies )


[ C ] a device that is placed inside a car engine, clock, radio, etc. and that produces the electricity that makes it work :

to replace the batteries

a rechargeable battery

battery-powered / -operated

a car battery

The battery is flat (= it is no longer producing electricity) .


[ C ] battery (of sth) a large number of things or people of the same type :

He faced a battery of questions.

a battery of reporters


[ C ] ( technical ) a number of large guns that are used together


[ C ] ( BrE ) (often used as an adjective) a number of small cages that are joined together and are used for keeping chickens, etc. in on a farm :

a battery hen

battery eggs

—compare free-range


[ U ] ( law ) the crime of attacking sb physically

—see also assault and battery


see recharge



Middle English : from Old French baterie , from battre to strike, from Latin battuere . The original sense was metal articles wrought by hammering , later a number of pieces of artillery used together , which led to the meaning a number of Leyden jars connected up so as to discharge simultaneously (mid 18th cent.), giving rise to sense 1. The more general meanings date from the late 19th cent.

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