Meaning of BATTERY in English

ˈbad.ərē, -atərē, -a.trē, -ri noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle French & French batterie, from Old French, beating, from battre to beat — more at bat

1. : metal or metal articles especially of brass or copper wrought by hammering ; specifically : metallic kitchen utensils


a. : the act of battering or beating

b. : the unlawful beating of another including every willful, angry and violent, or negligent unlawful touching of another's person or clothes or anything attached to his person or held by him — compare assault 3a

c. obsolete : bombardment

keep the bulwark fronts from battery — Christopher Marlowe


a. : a temporary grouping (as of mortars or searchlights) for tactical purposes


(1) : the entire armament of a warship

(2) : a group of a warship's guns

the starboard battery

the main battery


a. : an emplacement where artillery is mounted

a fortress crowned with batteries — S.P.B.Mais


(1) : sinkbox

(2) : a blind usually of turf used on English and Scottish moors especially by grouse shooters

5. : the basic tactical and administrative artillery unit usually consisting of from two to six pieces with the necessary personnel, transportation, communications, and equipment — compare company


a. : a combination of apparatus for producing a single electrical effect

a battery of dynamos


(1) : a group of two or more cells connected together to furnish electric current

(2) : a single voltaic cell


a. : a number of similar articles, devices, or machines arranged, connected, or used together : set , series , group

a battery of files

a battery of roman candles

a battery of coke ovens

a battery of exhausted brooms and mops leaned against the rail — Philip Wylie


(1) : a group or series of tests especially of intelligence or personality given to a subject as an aid in psychological analysis

(2) : a series of cages or compartments for raising or fattening poultry

(3) : a closely packed group of nematocysts on the tentacle of a coelenterate

b. : an imposing series or group of similar things : array

has equipped his book with … a formidable battery of prepublication comments — Robert Bierstedt

c. : an impressive group of persons having similar characteristics, occupations, or interests

a battery of specialists … all testified that the bill was too high — Milton Silverman

d. : a group of bulls kept for breeding


a. : the position of readiness (of a gun) for firing

the breechblock failed to close and the gun would not return to battery — Infantry Journal

in battery

out of battery

b. : the part of a flintlock the flint strikes against in firing


a. : a series of usually five stamps operated in one box or mortar for crushing ores

b. : the box in which such stamps are operated

10. : a tank with its electrical and chemical accessories in which an electrotype shell is formed by electrodeposition

11. : the pitcher and catcher of a baseball team

12. : the percussion section of an orchestra

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.