Meaning of BURN in English


[burn] n [ME, fr. OE; akin to OHG brunno spring of water] (bef. 12c) Brit: creek


[2]burn vb burned or burnt ; [ME birnen, fr. OE byrnan, v.i., baernan, v.t.; akin to OHG brinnan to burn] vi (bef. 12c) 1 a: to consume fuel and give off heat, light, and gases "a small fire ~s on the hearth" b: to undergo combustion; also: to undergo nuclear fission or nuclear fusion c: to contain a fire "a little stove ~ing in the corner" d: to give off light: shine, glow "a light ~ing in the window"

2. a: to be hot "the ~ing sand" b: to produce or undergo discomfort or pain "ears ~ing from the cold" c: to become emotionally excited or agitated: as (1): to yearn ardently "~ing to tell the story" (2): to be or become very angry or disgusted "the remark made him ~" 3 a: to undergo alteration or destruction by the action of fire or heat "the house ~ed down" "the potatoes ~ed to a crisp" b: to die in the electric chair

4: to force or make a way by or as if by burning "her words ~ed into his heart"

5: to receive sunburn "she ~s easily" ~ vt 1 a: to cause to undergo combustion; esp: to destroy by fire "~ed the trash" b: to use as fuel "this furnace ~s gas" c: to use up: consume "~ calories"

2. a: to transform by exposure to heat or fire "~ clay to bricks" b: to produce by burning "~ed a hole in his sleeve" 3 a: to injure or damage by or as if by exposure to fire, heat, or radiation: scorch "~ed his hand" b: to execute by burning "~ed heretics at the stake"; also: electrocute

4. a: irritate, annoy--often used with up "really ~s me up" b: to take advantage of: as (1): deceive, cheat--often used in passive (2): outdo, beat "~ed the defense with a touchdown pass" -- adj -- burn one's bridges also burn one's boats : to cut off all means of retreat -- burn one's ears : to rebuke strongly -- burn the candle at both ends : to use one's resources or energies to excess -- burn the midnight oil : to work or study far into the night [3]burn n (1594) 1: an act, process, instance, or result of burning: as a: injury or damage resulting from exposure to fire, heat, caustics, electricity, or certain radiations b: a burned area "a ~ on the tabletop" c: an abrasion (as of the skin) having the appearance of a burn "rope ~s" d: a burning sensation "the ~ of iodine on a cut"

2: the firing of a spacecraft rocket engine in flight

3: anger; esp: increasing fury--used chiefly in the phrase slow burn

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