Meaning of BUSH in English


[bush] n, often attrib [ME; akin to OHG busc forest] (14c) 1 a: shrub; esp: a low densely branched shrub b: a close thicket of shrubs suggesting a single plant

2: a large uncleared or sparsely settled area (as in Australia) usu. scrub-covered or forested: wilderness--usu. used with the 3 a archaic: a bunch of ivy formerly hung outside a tavern to indicate wine for sale b obs: tavern c: advertising "good wine needs no ~ --Shak."

4: a bushy tuft or mass "a ~ of hair"; esp:

[2]brush 2a

5: minor league--usu. used in pl.

[2]bush vt (15c): to support, mark, or protect with bushes ~ vi: to extend like a bush: resemble a bush [3]bush adj (1595) 1: having a low-growing compact bushy habit--used esp. of cultivated beans "~ snap beans"

2: serving, occurring in, or used in the bush "~ planes" [4]bush n [D bus bushing, box, fr. MD busse box, fr. LL buxis--more at box] (1566) chiefly Brit: bushing [5]bush adj [short for bush-league] (1970): falling below acceptable standards: unprofessional "~ behavior"

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