Meaning of BUSH in English


1. n.1 a shrub or clump of shrubs with stems of moderate length.

2 a thing resembling this, esp. a clump of hair or fur.

3 (esp. in Australia and Africa) a wild uncultivated district; woodland or forest.

4 hist. a bunch of ivy as a vintner's sign.

Phrases and idioms:

bush-baby (pl. -ies) a small African tree-climbing lemur; a galago. bush basil a culinary herb, Ocimum minimum. bush jacket a light cotton jacket with a belt. bush lawyer 1 Austral. & NZ a person claiming legal knowledge without qualifications for it.

2 NZ a bramble. bush-ranger hist. an Australian outlaw living in the bush. bush sickness a disease of animals due to a lack of cobalt in the soil. bush telegraph rapid spreading of information, a rumour, etc. go bush Austral. leave one's usual surroundings; run wild.

Etymology: ME f. OE & ON, ult. f. Gmc 2. n. & v.


1. a metal lining for a round hole enclosing a revolving shaft etc.

2 a sleeve providing electrical insulation. provide with a bush.

Etymology: MDu. busse BOX(1)

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