Meaning of HALF in English

[half] n, pl halves [ME, fr. OE healf; akin to OHG halb half] (bef. 12c) 1 a: either of two equal parts into which a thing is divisible; also: a part of a thing approximately equal to the remainder--often used without of "~ the distance" b: half an hour--used in designation of time

2: one of a pair: as a: partner b: semester, term c: either of the two equal periods that together make up the playing time of some games (as football); also: the midpoint in playing time "the score was tied at the ~"

3: half-dollar

4: halfback -- by half : by a great deal -- by halves : in part: halfheartedly -- half again as : one-and-a-half times as "half again as many" -- in half : into two equal or nearly equal parts

[2]half adj (bef. 12c) 1 a: being one of two equal parts "a ~ share" "a ~ sheet of paper" b (1): amounting to approximately half "a ~ mile" "a ~ million" (2): falling short of the full or complete thing: partial "~ measures" "a ~ smile"

2: extending over or covering only half "a ~ window" "a ~ mask" -- half.ness n [3]half adv (12c) 1 a: in an equal part or degree "the crowd was ~ jeering, ~ respectful" b: not completely: partially "~ persuaded"

2: by any means: at all "her singing isn't ~ bad"

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