Meaning of ICE in English

[ice] n, often attrib [ME is, fr. OE is; akin to OHG is ice, Av isu- icy] (bef. 12c) 1 a: frozen water b: a sheet or stretch of ice

2: a substance resembling ice; esp: the solid state of a substance usu. found as a gas or liquid "ammonia ~ in the rings of Saturn"

3: a state of coldness (as from formality or reserve)

4. a: a frozen dessert containing a flavoring (as fruit juice); esp: one containing no milk or cream b Brit: a serving of ice cream

5. slang: diamonds; broadly: jewelry

6: an undercover premium paid to a theater employee for choice theater tickets -- ice.less adj -- on ice 1: with every likelihood of being won or accomplished

2: in reserve or safekeeping

[2]ice vb iced ; vt (15c) 1 a: to coat with or convert into ice b: to chill with ice c: to supply with ice

2: to cover with or as if with icing

3: to put on ice

4: secure 1b "made two free throws ... to ~ the win --Jack McCallum"

5: to shoot (an ice hockey puck) the length of the rink and beyond the opponents' goal line

6. slang: kill 1a ~ vi 1: to become ice-cold

2. a: to become covered with ice--often used with up or over b: to have ice form inside "the carburetor iced up"

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