Meaning of LARGE in English

[large] adj ; larg.est [ME, fr. OF, fr. L largus] (12c) 1 obs: lavish

2. obs a: ample, abundant b: extensive, broad

3: having more than usual power, capacity, or scope: comprehensive "take the ~ view" "will take a larger role in the negotiations"

4. a: exceeding most other things of like kind esp. in quantity or size: big b: dealing in great numbers or quantities "a ~ and highly profitable business"

5. obs a of language or expression: coarse, vulgar b: lax in conduct: loose

6. of a wind: favorable 7: extravagant, boastful "~ talk" -- large.ness n -- larg.ish adj

[2]large adv (14c) 1 obs: in abundance: amply, liberally

2: with the wind abaft the beam [3]large n (14c) obs: liberality, generosity -- at large 1 a: free of restraint or confinement "the escaped prisoner is still at large" b: without a specific subject or assignment "critic at large"

2: at length

3: in a general way

4: as a whole "society at large"

5: as the political representative of or to a whole area rather than of one of its subdivisions--used in combination with a preceding noun "a congressman-at-large" -- in the large : on a large scale: in general

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