Meaning of LARGE in English


/ lɑːdʒ; NAmE lɑːrdʒ/ adjective , verb

■ adjective ( larger , larg·est )


big in size or quantity :

a large area / family / house / car / appetite

a large number of people

very large sums of money

He's a very large child for his age.

A large proportion of old people live alone.

Women usually do the larger share of the housework.

Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee.

Who's the rather large (= fat) lady in the hat?


( abbr. L ) used to describe one size in a range of sizes of clothes, food, products used in the house, etc. :

small, medium, large


wide in range and involving many things :

a large and complex issue

Some drugs are being used on a much larger scale than previously.

If we look at the larger picture of the situation, the differences seem slight.

➡ note at big

►  large·ness noun [ U ]


- at large

- by and large

- give / have it large

- in large part | in large measure

- (as) large as life

- larger than life

—more at loom verb , writ verb

■ verb


- large it | large it up



Middle English (in the sense liberal in giving, lavish, ample in quantity ): via Old French from Latin larga , feminine of largus copious.

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