Meaning of MIX in English


[mix] vb [ME, back-formation fr. mixte mixed, fr. MF, fr. L mixtus, pp. of miscere to mix; akin to Gk mignynai to mix] vt (15c) 1 a (1): to combine or blend into one mass (2): to combine with another b: to bring into close association "~ business with pleasure"

2. a: to form by mixing components "~ a drink at the bar" b: to produce (a sound recording) by electronically combining or adjusting sounds from more than one source

3: confuse--often used with up "~es things up in his eagerness to speak out --Irving Howe" ~ vi 1 a: to become mixed b: to be capable of mixing

2: to enter into relations: associate

3: crossbreed

4: to become involved: participate "decided not to ~ in politics" -- adj -- mix it up : to engage in a fight, contest, or dispute syn mix, mingle, commingle, blend, merge, coalesce, amalgamate, fuse mean to combine into a more or less uniform whole. mix may or may not imply loss of each element's identity "mix the salad greens" "mix a drink". mingle usu. suggests that the elements are still somewhat distinguishable or separately active "fear mingled with anticipation in my mind". commingle implies a closer or more thorough mingling "a sense of duty commingled with a fierce pride drove her". blend implies that the elements as such disappear in the resulting mixture "blended several teas to create a balanced flavor". merge suggests a combining in which one or more elements are lost in the whole "in his mind reality and fantasy merged". coalesce implies an affinity in the merging elements and usu. a resulting organic unity "telling details that coalesce into a striking portrait". amalgamate implies the forming of a close union without complete loss of individual identities "refugees who were readily amalgamated into the community". fuse stresses oneness and indissolubility of the resulting product "a building in which modernism and classicism are fused".

[2]mix n (ca. 1586) 1: an act or process of mixing

2: a product of mixing: as a: a commercially prepared mixture of food ingredients "a cake ~" b: a combination of different kinds "the right ~ of jobs, people and amenities --London Times"

3: mixer 2b

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