Meaning of SCALLOP in English


[scal.lop] n [ME scalop, fr. MF escalope shell, of Gmc origin; akin to MD schelpe shell] (15c) 1 a: any of numerous marine bivalve lamellibranch mollusks (family Pectinidae) that have a radially ribbed shell with the edge undulated and that swim by opening and closing the valves b: the adductor muscle of a scallop as an article of food

2. a: a valve or shell of a scallop b: a baking dish shaped like a valve of a scallop

3: one of a continuous series of circle segments or angular projections forming a border

4: pattypan

5. [F escalope, prob. fr. MF, shell]: a thin slice of boneless meat (as veal)

[2]scallop vt (1737) 1 [fr. the use of a scallop shell as a baking dish]: to bake in a sauce usu. covered with seasoned bread or cracker crumbs "~ed potatoes"

2. a: to shape, cut, or finish in scallops b: to form scallops in ~ vi: to gather or dredge scallops

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