Meaning of SCALLOP in English


n. & v. (also scollop)

1. any of various bivalve molluscs of the family Pectinidae, esp. of the genus Chlamys or Pecten, much prized as food.

2 (in full scallop shell) a a single valve from the shell of a scallop, with grooves and ridges radiating from the middle of the hinge and edged with small rounded lobes, often used for cooking or serving food. b hist. a representation of this shell worn as a pilgrim's badge.

3 (in pl.) an ornamental edging cut in material in imitation of a scallop-edge.

4 a small pan or dish shaped like a scallop shell and used for baking or serving food. (scalloped, scalloping)

1. cook in a scallop.

2 ornament (an edge or material) with scallops or scalloping.


scalloper n. scalloping n. (in sense 3 of n.).

Etymology: ME f. OF escalope prob. f. Gmc

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