Meaning of SCALLOP in English


I. ˈskä-ləp, ˈska-, ˈskȯ- noun

also scol·lop ˈskä-, ˈskȯ-

Etymology: Middle English scalop, from Anglo-French escalope shell, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle Dutch schelpe shell

Date: 15th century


a. : any of numerous marine bivalve lamellibranch mollusks (family Pectinidae) that have a radially ribbed shell with the edge undulated and that swim by opening and closing the valves

b. : the adductor muscle of a scallop as an article of food


a. : a valve or shell of a scallop

b. : a baking dish shaped like a valve of a scallop

3. : one of a continuous series of circle segments or angular projections forming a border (as on cloth or metal)

4. : pattypan


[French escalope, probably from Middle French, shell]

: a thin slice of boneless meat or fish

veal scallop s

— called also escalope


scallop 2a


II. verb

also scollop

Date: 1682

transitive verb


a. : to shape, cut, or finish in scallops

b. : to form scallops in


[from the use of a scallop shell as a baking dish]

: to bake in a sauce usually covered with seasoned bread or cracker crumbs

scallop ed potatoes

intransitive verb

: to gather or dredge scallops

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