Meaning of SIDE in English


[side] n [ME, fr. OE side; akin to OHG sita side, OE sid ample, wide] (bef. 12c) 1 a: the right or left part of the wall or trunk of the body "a pain in the ~" b (1): one of the halves of the animal body on either side of the mesial plane (2): a cut of meat including that about the ribs of one half of the body--used chiefly of smoked pork products c: one longitudinal half of a hide

2: a place, space, or direction with respect to a center or to a line of division (as of an aisle, river, or street) 3 a: one of the longer bounding surfaces or lines of an object esp. contrasted with the ends "the ~ of a barn" b: a line or surface forming a border or face of an object "a die has six ~s" "the back ~ of the moon" c: either surface of a thin object "one ~ of a record" "right ~ of the cloth" d: a bounding line of a geometric figure "~ of a triangle"

4. a: the space beside one "stood by my ~" b: an area next to something--usu. used in combination "a poolside interview"

5: a slope (as of a hill) considered as opposed to another slope "the far ~ of the hill"

6. a: the attitude or activity of one person or group with respect to another: part "there was no malice on my ~" b: a position that is opposite to or contrasted with another "two ~s to every question" "came down on the ~ of law and order" c: a body of partisans or contestants "victory for neither ~" d: team "11 players on each ~" 7: a line of descent traced through one's parent "grandfather on his mother's ~" 8: an aspect or part of something contrasted with some other real or implied aspect or part "the better ~ of his nature" "the sales ~ of the business" "the seasoning is a bit on the heavy ~"

9. Brit: sideways spin imparted to a billiard or snooker ball 10: a sheet containing the lines and cues for a single theatrical role 11: a recording of music 12: a side order or dish "a ~ of fries" -- on the side 1: in addition to the main portion

2: in addition to a principal occupation -- this side of : short of: almost "an attitude just this side of scandalous"

[2]side adj (14c) 1 a: situated on the side "~ window" b: of or relating to the side

2. a: directed toward or from the side "~ thrust" "~ wind" b: incidental, indirect "~ issue" "~ remark" c: made on the side "~ payment" d: additional to the main portion "~ order of french fries" [3]side vb sid.ed ; vt (1591) 1: to agree with: support

2: to be side by side with

3: to set or put aside: clear away "~ the dishes"

4: to furnish with sides or siding "~ a house" ~ vi: to take sides: join or form sides "sided with the rebels" [4]side n [obs. E side proud, boastful] (1878) chiefly Brit: swaggering or arrogant manner: pretentiousness

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