Meaning of SIDE in English


n. & v.


1. a each of the more or less flat surfaces bounding an object (a cube has six sides; this side up). b a more or less vertical inner or outer plane or surface (the side of a house; a mountainside). c such a vertical lateral surface or plane as distinct from the top or bottom, front or back, or ends (at the side of the house).

2 a the half of a person or animal that is on the right or the left, esp. of the torso (has a pain in his right side). b the left or right half or a specified part of a thing, area, building, etc. (put the box on that side). c (often in comb.) a position next to a person or thing (grave-side; seaside; stood at my side). d a specified direction relating to a person or thing (on the north side of; came from all sides). e half of a butchered carcass (a side of bacon).

3 a either surface of a thing regarded as having two surfaces. b the amount of writing needed to fill one side of a sheet of paper (write three sides).

4 any of several aspects of a question, character, etc. (many sides to his character; look on the bright side).

5 a each of two sets of opponents in war, politics, games, etc. (the side that bats first; much to be said on both sides). b a cause or philosophical position etc. regarded as being in conflict with another (on the side of right).

6 a a part or region near the edge and remote from the centre (at the side of the room). b (attrib.) a subordinate, peripheral, or detached part (a side-road; a side-table).

7 a each of the bounding lines of a plane rectilinear figure (a hexagon has six sides). b each of two quantities stated to be equal in an equation.

8 a position nearer or farther than, or right or left of, a dividing line (on this side of the Alps; on the other side of the road).

9 a line of hereditary descent through the father or the mother.

10 (in full side spin) Brit. a spinning motion given to a billiard-ball etc. by hitting it on one side, not centrally.

11 Brit. sl. boastfulness; swagger (has no side about him).

12 Brit. colloq. a television channel (shall we try another side?).

--v.intr. (usu. foll. by with) take part or be on the same side as a disputant etc. (sided with his father).

Phrases and idioms:

by the side of

1. close to.

2 compared with.

from side to side

1. right across.

2 alternately each way from a central line. let the side down fail one's colleagues, esp. by frustrating their efforts or embarrassing them. on one side 1 not in the main or central position.

2 aside (took him on one side to explain). on the ... side fairly, somewhat (qualifying an adjective: on the high side).

on the side

1. as a sideline; in addition to one's regular work etc.

2 secretly or illicitly.

3 US as a side dish. on this side of the grave in life. side-arms swords, bayonets, or pistols. side-band a range of frequencies near the carrier frequency of a radio wave, concerned in modulation. side-bet a bet between opponents, esp. in card-games, over and above the ordinary stakes. side-bone either of the small forked bones under the wings of poultry. side by side standing close together, esp. for mutual support.


1. a small car for a passenger or passengers attached to the side of a motor cycle.

2 a cocktail of orange liqueur, lemon juice, and brandy.

3 a jaunting car. side-chapel a chapel in the aisle or at the side of a church. side dish an extra dish subsidiary to the main course.


1. a door in or at the side of a building.

2 an indirect means of access. side-drum a small double-headed drum in a jazz or military band or in an orchestra (orig. hung at the drummer's side). side-effect a secondary, usu. undesirable, effect. side-glance a sideways or brief glance. side-issue a point that distracts attention from what is important. side-note a marginal note. side-on adv. from the side.


1. from or towards one side.

2 (of a collision) involving the side of a vehicle. side-road a minor or subsidiary road, esp. joining or diverging from a main road. side-saddle n. a saddle for a woman rider with both feet on the same side of the horse.

--adv. sitting in this position on a horse. side salad a salad served as a side dish. side-seat a seat in a vehicle etc. in which the occupant has his back to the side of the vehicle. side-slip n.

1. a skid.

2 Aeron. a sideways movement instead of forward.


1. skid.

2 Aeron. move sideways instead of forward. side-splitting causing violent laughter. side-street a minor or subsidiary street.


1. a stroke towards or from a side.

2 an incidental action.

3 a swimming stroke in which the swimmer lies on his or her side.

side-swipe n.

1. a glancing blow along the side.

2 incidental criticism etc. hit with or as if with a side-swipe. side-table a table placed at the side of a room or apart from the main table. side-trip a minor excursion during a voyage or trip; a detour. side valve a valve in a vehicle engine, operated from the side of the cylinder. side-view

1. a view obtained sideways.

2 a profile. side-wheeler US a steamer with paddle-wheels. side-whiskers whiskers growing on the cheeks.

side wind

1. wind from the side.

2 an indirect agency or influence. take sides support one or other cause etc.


sideless adj.

Etymology: OE side f. Gmc

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