Meaning of VIEW in English

[view] n [ME vewe, fr. MF veue, vue, fr. OF, fr. fem. of veu, vu, pp. of veeir, voir to see, fr. L videre--more at wit] (15c) 1: the act of seeing or examining: inspection; also: survey "a ~ of English literature"

2. a: a mode or manner of looking at or regarding something b: an opinion or judgment colored by the feeling or bias of its holder "in my ~ the conference has no chance of success"

3: scene, prospect "the lovely ~ from the balcony"

4: extent or range of vision: sight "tried to keep the ship in ~" "sat high in the bleachers to get a good ~"

5: something that is looked toward or kept in sight: object "studied hard with a ~ to getting an A"

6: the foreseeable future "no hope in ~" 7: a pictorial representation syn see opinion -- in view of : in regard to: in consideration of -- on view : open to public inspection: on exhibition

[2]view vt (1523) 1: to look at attentively: scrutinize, observe "~ an exhibit" "~ the landscape"

2. a: see, watch "~ a film" b: to look on in a particular light: regard "doesn't ~ himself as a rebel"

3: to survey or examine mentally: consider "~ all sides of a question" -- adj

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