Meaning of VIEW in English

I. ˈvyü noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English vewe, from Middle French veue, vue, from Old French, from feminine of veu, vu, past participle of veeir, veoir, voir to see, from Latin vidēre — more at wit

1. : the act of seeing or beholding ; specifically : an inspection by the jury of a court of law of a place where a litigated transaction (as a crime or tort) occurred or of premises or some other object (as a corpse) involved in a legal proceeding

2. : a formal examination : inspection

a close view of all details

: survey

a view of German literature

3. : mode or manner of looking at or regarding something : conception , grasp

an imperfect view of parliamentary government

4. : an overall survey : complete summary

a columnist's view of the world crisis

5. : what is revealed to the vision or can usually be seen

the view from a picture window

also : an extensive or imposing prospect : panorama

Alpine views

6. : extent or range of vision : sight

no ships in view


a. : something that is looked toward or kept in sight : object , aim

with no view in mind

diplomatic maneuvers with a view to establishing a clear case

b. : something that is expected : prospect

no hope in view


a. : a pictorial representation : sketch

a photographic view

a view of the local town hall

also : diagram

b. : the graphic projection of an object upon a plane obtained by finding the intersections with the plane of parallel lines drawn through the points of the object

9. dialect : appearance , aspect

if you're an ugly man to be looking at, I'm thinking your tongue's worse than your view — J.M.Synge

10. : intellectual makeup : spiritual and cultural nature

literary themes which reveal the view of their author

Synonyms: see opinion

- at the view

- in view of

- on view

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )


a. : to examine carefully or officially : inspect

view evidence

view records

b. archaic : explore

2. : to look at attentively : scrutinize , observe

view a landscape

3. : to consider especially with earnest attention or with an attempt at wide or overall comprehension

view a problem

: take under consideration

view applications for membership

Synonyms: see see

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