Meaning of VIEW in English

/vyooh/ , n.

1. an instance of seeing or beholding; visual inspection.

2. sight; vision.

3. range of sight or vision: Several running deer came into the view of the hunters.

4. a sight or prospect of a landscape, the sea, etc.: His apartment affords a view of the park.

5. a picture or photograph of something: The postcard bears a view of Vesuvius.

6. a particular manner of looking at something: From a practical view, the situation presents several problems.

7. contemplation or consideration of a matter with reference to action: a project in view.

8. aim, intention, or purpose.

9. prospect; expectation: the view for the future.

10. a sight afforded of something from a position stated or qualified: a bird's-eye view.

11. a general account or description of a subject.

12. a conception of a thing; opinion; theory: His view was not supported by the facts.

13. a survey; inspection: a view of Restoration comedy.

14. in view ,

a. within range of vision.

b. under consideration.

c. as an end sought: She went over the material with the scholarship examination in view.

15. in view of , in consideration of; on account of: In view of the circumstances, it seems best to wait until tomorrow.

16. on view , in a place for public inspection; on exhibition: The latest models of automobiles are now on view.

17. with a view to ,

a. with the aim or intention of.

b. with the expectation or hope of: They saved their money with a view to being able to buy a house someday.


18. to see; watch: to view a movie.

19. to look at; survey; inspect: to view the construction of a road.

20. to contemplate mentally; consider: to view the repercussions of a decision.

21. to regard in a particular light or as specified: She views every minor setback as a disaster.

22. Fox Hunting. to sight (a fox).

[ 1375-1425; late ME v ( i ) ewe (n.) veue sight viduta, n. use of fem. of * vidutus, for L visus, ptp. of videre to see ]

Syn. 4. VIEW, PROSPECT, SCENE, VISTA refer to a landscape or perspective. VIEW is a general word, referring to whatever lies open to sight: a fine view of the surrounding country. PROSPECT suggests a sweeping and often distant view, as from a place of vantage: a beautiful prospect to the south. SCENE suggests an organic unity in the details such as is to be found in a picture: a woodland scene. VISTA suggests a long, narrow view, as along an avenue between rows of trees: a pleasant vista. 8. object, design, end, intent. 12. belief, judgment, estimation, assessment, impression, valuation. See opinion. 18. witness, contemplate, regard.

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