Meaning of SHOT in English

I. ˈshät noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English sceot, scot; akin to Old High German scuz, Old Norse skot shot, Old English scēotan to shoot — more at shoot

Date: before 12th century


a. : an action of shooting

b. : a directed propelling of a missile ; specifically : a directed discharge of a firearm


(1) : a stroke or throw in an attempt to score points in a game (as tennis, pool, or basketball) ; also : home run

(2) : ability to shoot

has the best shot on the team

d. : blast 5a

e. : a medical or narcotics injection


a. plural shot : something propelled by shooting ; especially : small lead or steel pellets especially forming a charge for a shotgun

b. : a metal sphere of iron or brass that is heaved in the shot put


a. : the distance that a missile is or can be thrown

b. : range , reach

4. : a charge to be paid : scot

5. : one that shoots ; especially : marksman


a. : attempt , try

give it a shot

b. : guess , conjecture

c. : chance 4a

a shot at winning the prize

d. : a single appearance as an entertainer

did a guest shot for the program

7. : an effective remark ; especially : swipe 2

a parting shot


a. : a single photographic exposure ; especially : snapshot

b. : a single sequence of a motion picture or a television program shot by one camera without interruption

9. : a charge of explosives


a. : a small measure or serving (as one ounce) of undiluted liquor or other beverage

vodka shot s

a shot of espresso

b. : a small amount applied at one time : dose

a shot of fertilizer

a shot of humor

11. shot plural : sprinkles, jimmies

- a shot

- like a shot

- shot in the arm

- shot in the dark


past and past participle of shoot

III. adjective

Date: 1763


a. of a fabric : having contrasting and changeable color effects : iridescent

b. : suffused or streaked with a color

hair shot with gray

c. : infused or permeated with a quality or element

shot through with wit

2. : having the form of pellets resembling shot

3. : reduced to a ruined or useless state

his nerves are shot

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.