Meaning of SHOT in English

1. n.1 the act or an instance of firing a gun, cannon, etc. (several shots were heard).

2 an attempt to hit by shooting or throwing etc. (took a shot at him).

3 a a single non-explosive missile for a cannon, gun, etc. b (pl. same or shots) a small lead pellet used in quantity in a single charge or cartridge in a shotgun. c (as pl.) these collectively.

4 a a photograph. b a film sequence photographed continuously by one camera.

5 a a stroke or a kick in a ball game. b colloq. an attempt to guess or do something (let him have a shot at it).

6 colloq. a person having a specified skill with a gun etc. (is not a good shot).

7 a heavy ball thrown by a shot-putter.

8 the launch of a space rocket (a moonshot).

9 the range, reach, or distance to or at which a thing will carry or act (out of earshot).

10 a remark aimed at a person.

11 colloq. a a drink of esp. spirits. b an injection of a drug, vaccine, etc. (has had his shots).

Phrases and idioms:

like a shot colloq. without hesitation; willingly. make a bad shot guess wrong. not a shot in one's (or the) locker

1. no money left.

2 not a chance left. shot-blasting the cleaning of metal etc. by the impact of a stream of shot. shot-firer a person who fires a blasting-charge in a mine etc.

shot in the arm colloq.

1. stimulus or encouragement.

2 an alcoholic drink. shot in the dark a mere guess. shot-put an athletic contest in which a shot is thrown a great distance. shot-putter an athlete who puts the shot. shot-tower hist. a tower in which shot was made from molten lead poured through sieves at the top and falling into water at the bottom.


shotproof adj.

Etymology: OE sc(e)ot, gesc(e)ot f. Gmc: cf. SHOOT 2. past and past part. of SHOOT.


1. (of coloured material) woven so as to show different colours at different angles.

2 colloq. a exhausted; finished. b drunk.

3 (of a board-edge) accurately planed.

Phrases and idioms:

be (or get) shot of sl. be (or get) rid of. shot through permeated or suffused.

Etymology: past part. of SHOOT 3. n. colloq. a reckoning, a bill, esp. at an inn etc. (paid his shot).

Etymology: ME, SHOT(1): cf. OE sceotan shoot, pay, contribute, and SCOT

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