Meaning of DUTY in English

/ ˈdjuːti; NAmE ˈduːti/ noun ( pl. -ies )


[ C , U ] something that you feel you have to do because it is your moral or legal responsibility :

It is my duty to report it to the police.

Local councillors have a duty to serve the community.

I don't want you to visit me simply out of a sense of duty .

your duties as a parent

to do your duty for your country


[ U ] the work that is your job :

Report for duty at 8 a.m.

—see also night duty


duties [ pl. ] tasks that are part of your job :

I spend a lot of my time on administrative duties.

Your duties will include setting up a new computer system.

—see also heavy-duty ➡ note at task


[ C , U ] duty (on sth) a tax that you pay on things that you buy, especially those that you bring into a country :

customs / excise / import duties

duty on wine and beer

—see also death duty , stamp duty ➡ note at tax


- on / off duty

—more at bounden , line noun



late Middle English : from Anglo-Norman French duete , from Old French deu owed, based on Latin debitus owed, from debere owe .

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