Meaning of LOAN in English

/ ləʊn; NAmE loʊn/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] money that an organization such as a bank lends and sb borrows :

to take out / repay a loan (= to borrow money / pay it back)

bank loans with low interest rates

It took three years to repay my student loan (= money lent to a student) .

a car loan (= a loan to buy a car)


[ sing. ] loan (of sth) the act of lending sth; the state of being lent :

I even gave her the loan of my car.

an exhibition of paintings on loan (= borrowed) from private collections

■ verb


loan sth (to sb) | loan (sb) sth ( especially NAmE ) to lend sth to sb, especially money :

[ vn ]

The bank is happy to loan money to small businesses.

[ vnn ]

A friend loaned me $1 000.


loan sth (out) (to sb/sth) | loan (sb) sth ( especially BrE ) to lend a valuable object to a museum, etc. :

[ vn ]

This exhibit was kindly loaned by the artist's family.

[ vnn ]

He loaned the museum his entire collection.



Middle English (also denoting a gift from a superior): from Old Norse lán , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch leen , German Lehn , also to lend .

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