Meaning of LOAN in English



1) to float, negotiate, raise a ~

2) to make a ~

3) to get, receive a ~

4) to secure; underwrite a ~

5) to pay off, repay a ~

6) an interest-free; long-term; low-interest; short-term ~

7) interlibrary ~ (she got the book on/through inter-library ~)

8) a ~ to

9) on ~ from; to (the painting was on ~ to the National Gallery from the Louvre)


v. ( A ) she ~ ed the money to me; or: she ~ed me the money

USAGE NOTE: When to ~ means 'to lend officially', it is CE --the Louvre has ~ed a painting to the National Gallery. When it means 'to lend', it is esp. AE --she ~ed me the money.

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