Meaning of PIP in English


/ pɪp; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


( especially BrE ) ( NAmE usually seed ) the small hard seed that is found in some types of fruit :

an apple / orange pip

—picture at grapefruit , apple


the pips [ pl. ] ( old-fashioned , BrE ) a series of short high sounds, especially those used when giving the exact time on the radio


( NAmE ) one of the dots showing the value on dice and dominoes ; one of the marks showing the value and suit of a playing card

■ verb

( -pp- ) [ vn ] ( BrE , informal ) to beat sb in a race, competition, etc. by only a small amount or at the last moment :

She pipped her rival for the gold medal.

He was pipped at / to the post for the top award.



noun sense 1 late 18th cent.: abbreviation of pippin .

noun sense 2 early 20th cent.: imitative.

noun sense 3 late 16th cent. (originally peep , denoting each of the dots on playing cards, dice, and dominoes): of unknown origin.

verb late 19th cent.: from the noun pip .

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