Meaning of SKIM in English


/ skɪm; NAmE / verb ( -mm- )


[ vn ] skim (sth off / from) sth to remove fat, cream, etc. from the surface of a liquid :

Skim the scum off the jam and let it cool.

Skim the jam and let it cool.


[ no passive ] skim (along / over, etc.) sth to move quickly and lightly over a surface, not touching it or only touching it occasionally; to make sth do this :

[ v ]

We watched the birds skimming over the lake.

( figurative ) [ vn ]

The speedboat took off, skimming the waves.

( figurative )

This report has barely skimmed the surface of the subject.

( BrE )

Small boys were skimming stones across the water.

—see also skip


skim (through / over) sth to read sth quickly in order to find a particular point or the main points :

[ v ]

He skimmed through the article trying to find his name.

[ vn ]

I always skim the financial section of the newspaper.


[ vn ] ( informal ) to steal small amounts of money frequently over a period of time


[ v , vn ] to illegally copy electronic information from a credit card in order to use it without the owner's permission


- skim sth/sb off



Middle English (in the sense remove scum from (a liquid) ): back-formation from skimmer , or from Old French escumer , from escume scum, foam.

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