Meaning of SOUTH in English


/ saʊθ; NAmE / noun , adjective , adverb

■ noun [ U , sing. ] ( abbr. S , So. )


(usually the south ) the direction that is on your right when you watch the sun rise; one of the four main points of the compass :

Which way is south?

warmer weather coming from the south

He lives to the south of (= further south than) the city.

—compare east , north , west


the south , the South the southern part of a country, a region or the world :

birds flying to the south for the winter

They bought a villa in the South of France.

Houses are less expensive in the North than in the South (= of England) .


the South the southern states of the US

—see also the Deep South


the South the poorer countries in the southern half of the world

■ adjective ( abbr. S , So. ) [ only before noun ]


in or towards the south :

South Wales

They live on the south coast.


a south wind blows from the south

—compare southerly

■ adverb

towards the south :

This room faces south.


- down south



Old English sūth , of Germanic origin; related to Low German sud .

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