Meaning of SURPLUS in English


/ ˈsɜːpləs; NAmE ˈsɜːrp-/ noun , adjective

■ noun [ C , U ]


an amount that is extra or more than you need :

food surpluses

Wheat was in surplus that year.


the amount by which the amount of money received is greater than the amount of money spent :

a trade surplus of £400 million

The balance of payments was in surplus last year (= the value of exports was greater than the value of imports) .

—compare deficit

■ adjective

surplus (to sth) more than is needed or used :

surplus cash

Surplus grain is being sold for export.

These items are surplus to requirements (= not needed) .



late Middle English : from Old French sourplus , from medieval Latin superplus , from super- in addition + plus more.

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