Meaning of CASE in English

n. 1 instance, example, event, occurrence; happening, occasion, circumstance, state, situation In a recent case a farmer was attacked by a man-eating tiger Holmes is investigating a case of a missing necklace. 2 action, suit, lawsuit, dispute; cause I lost my case 3 patient, invalid, victim Four new cases were admitted to the hospital yesterday 4 specimen, instance, example Howard is an odd case, isn't he? 5 in any case in any event, come what may, at all events, anyhow, anyway In any case, your decision won't affect me 6 in case. a lest, for fear that He was worried in case his wife found out where he had been b if, in the event that, if it happens or proves or turns out that, if it should happen or prove or turn out that In case you were thinking of leaving, remember that we have your car keys 7 in case of. in the event of; for fear of In case of fire, you must use the staircase We insured the house in case of fire. 8 the case. the fact, the actuality, the truth, the reality, what really happened or took place She said he was drunk, but that's not the case

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