Meaning of DIG in English

v. 1 excavate, burrow, gouge, scoop, hollow out; tunnel He dug a hole in which to set the post 2 nudge, thrust, stab, jab, plunge, force, prod, poke I dug my spurs into my horse and rode off He kept digging me in the ribs with his finger. 3 appreciate, enjoy, like, understand They really dig the jazz of the big-band era 4 notice, note, look at, regard Hey, man, dig that crazy gear! 5 dig into probe (into), delve into, go deeply into, explore, look into, research, study We dug into many books of forgotten lore to find the words of the magic spell 6 dig out or up. unearth, disinter, exhume, bring up, find, obtain, extract, ferret out, winkle out, discover, bring to light, expose, dredge up, extricate, come up with, Australian fossick I dug out an old book on witchcraft She has dug up some interesting information about your friend Glover.

n. 7 thrust, poke, jab, stab, nudge She playfully gave him a dig in the ribs 8 insult, insinuation, gibe, slur; taunt, jeer; Colloq slap (in the face), wisecrack, crack, US low blow Referring to him as a Dartmoor graduate was a nasty dig

Oxford thesaurus English vocab.      Английский словарь Оксфорд тезаурус.