Meaning of DISCIPLINE in English


n. 1 training, drilling, regimen, exercise, practice, drill, inculcation, indoctrination, instruction, schooling Strict discipline is good for young people, according to my father 2 punishment, penalty, chastisement, castigation, correction The discipline meted out to senior students was very harsh 3 order, routine, (proper) behaviour, decorum The sergeant is there to maintain discipline among the recruits 4 direction, rule, regulation, government, control, subjection, restriction, check, curb, restraint There was far too much discipline during my childhood, both at school and at home 5 subject, course, branch of knowledge, area, field, speciality or chiefly US and Canadian specialty Latin is a discipline which is fast disappearing from our schools

v. 6 train, break in, condition, drill, exercise, instruct, coach, teach, school, indoctrinate, inculcate; edify, enlighten, inform The aim of his education is to discipline him to respond to orders 7 check, curb, restrain, bridle, control, govern, direct, run, supervise, manage, regulate, hold or keep in check, US ride herd on You have to discipline those children or they will always misbehave 8 punish, chastise, castigate, correct, penalize, reprove, criticize, reprimand, rebuke Discipline that boy or he will just do it again

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