Meaning of FIGURE in English


n. 1 physique, build, shape, form, configuration, conformation, build, body, outline, silhouette; cut, cast; Slang bod, chassis It's exercise that gives Kathy such a fine figure 2 appearance, image, likeness, representation, semblance The vision came to him in the figure of a dragon 3 person, individual, human (being) A burly figure loomed up out of the fog 4 statue, effigy, sculpture, bust, mould, cast, image, representation, idol, icon Hundreds of figures are carved into the stone of the temple façade 5 picture, illustration, diagram, drawing, sketch, plate See Figure 12 for a graph showing the rate of inflation for the past decade 6 personality, celebrity, somebody, leader, personage, worthy, notable, individual, presence, force, character Chaplin looms large as a figure in the history of comedy 7 number, numeral, cipher, digit; character, symbol, device, sign; design, pattern, motif, emblem His salary is in six figures

v. 8 Often, figure up. calculate, compute, reckon, work out; count, enumerate, numerate, total, tot up, tally, sum Please figure up how much I owe you 9 picture, imagine, think, take, reckon, consider, calculate, judge, believe; assume, presume, suppose; accept, acknowledge, concede I never figured her to be the guilty one 10 act, participate, take or play a part or role, appear, feature, have a place; be included or mentioned, be featured or conspicuous He does not figure in my plans 11 figure on or upon. a rely or depend on or upon, count on or upon, trust in, put faith in You mustn't figure on his help b plan on or upon, take into consideration or account, consider, make allowance for They were figuring on consumer demand for a better mousetrap 12 figure out. a calculate, reckon, compute, work out I haven't yet figured out last year's profits and losses b decipher, translate, understand, interpret, solve, grasp, get, fathom, see, perceive, Colloq dig, make head(s) or tail(s) of, get through one's head, get the hang or drift of, catch on (to), get a fix on, Brit twig, suss out: Can you figure out what this article is trying to say?

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