Meaning of PIN in English


n. 1 peg, dowel, bolt, thole, thole-pin, spike, rivet; Brit drawing-pin, US push-pin The table is held together by wooden pins We need some more pins for the notice-board. 2 brooch, clip; stickpin, tie-pin, scarf-pin, US tie tack She is wearing the cameo pin that her mother gave her I had George's pin made into a brooch.

v. 3 attach, fix, affix, fasten, secure, tack; hold, staple, clip Let's play 'Pin the tail on the donkey' Pin these papers together. 4 pin down. a force, make, compel, coerce, constrain, press, Brit pressurize, US pressure We must pin him down to give his decision by tomorrow b define, specify, pinpoint, name, identify, determine, name, put or lay one's finger on, home or zero in on, focus on The doctor was unable to pin down what is wrong with her c confine, hold (down), fix, immobilize, tie down, constrain We were pinned down by enemy fire 5 pin on. blame, hold responsible or accountable, point the finger at, accuse; lay at (someone's) door They'll never be able to pin the murder on Drayton

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