Meaning of PIN in English


noun mood; humor.

2. pin ·noun a rolling-pin.

3. pin ·noun the tenon of a dovetail joint.

4. pin ·vt to peen.

5. pin ·noun a linchpin.

6. pin ·noun a clothespin.

7. pin ·noun the leg; as, to knock one off his pins.

8. pin ·noun hence, a thing of small value; a trifle.

9. pin ·noun caligo. ·see caligo.

10. pin ·noun that which resembles a pin in its form or use.

11. pin ·noun the bull's eye, or center, of a target; hence, the center.

12. pin ·noun a short shaft, sometimes forming a bolt, a part of which serves as a journal.

13. pin ·noun a peg in musical instruments, for increasing or relaxing the tension of the strings.

14. pin ·noun an ornament, as a brooch or badge, fastened to the clothing by a pin; as, a masonic pin.

15. pin ·noun one of a row of pegs in the side of an ancient drinking cup to mark how much each man should drink.

xvi. pin ·noun to fasten with, or as with, a pin; to join; as, to pin a garment; to pin boards together.

xvii. pin ·vt to inclose; to confine; to pen; to pound.

xviii. pin ·noun especially, a small, pointed and headed piece of brass or other wire (commonly tinned), largely used for fastening clothes, attaching papers, ·etc.

xix. pin ·noun a piece of wood, metal, ·etc., generally cylindrical, used for fastening separate articles together, or as a support by which one article may be suspended from another; a peg; a bolt.

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