Meaning of PIN in English

I. ˈpin noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, pin, peg, from Old English pinn; akin to Middle Dutch pin, pinne pin, peg, Old High German pfinn peg, and perhaps to Middle Irish benn peak, horn


a. : a usually cylindrical piece of wood, metal, or other material used especially for fastening separate articles together or as a support by which one article may be suspended from another : peg , bolt

b. obsolete : a peg or similar object in the center of a target ; also : the center itself


(1) : one of the wooden pieces constituting the target in bowling, skittles, and similar games

(2) : the peg at which a quoit is pitched

(3) : the staff of the flag marking a hole on a golf course

(4) : one of the small upright posts on a board or billiard table used in playing bagatelle, pinball, and related games

d. : a peg for regulating the tension of the strings of a musical instrument (as a piano or harp) : wrest pin

e. : one of a row of pegs in the side of an ancient drinking cup to mark how much each man should drink


(1) : drill pin

(2) : the part of a key stem especially if solid that enters a lock

(3) : the part of a cylinder lock that prevents turning unless the proper key is inserted — see spool pin

g. chiefly Scotland : the latch or handle of a door

gently tirled the pin — Ballad Book


(1) : tholepin

(2) : belaying pin

i. : the tenon of a dovetail joint

j. : a triangular rod of refractory clay that is thrust into the wall of a sagger to support glazed flatware


(1) : a small axle, gudgeon, or spindle on which to journal

(2) : a slender post or peg acting as a stop for motion of a pointer or lever

(3) : a slender post or peg that is used to locate two parts in proper relative position


(1) : a long slender piece of metal that is used to fasten together the ends of broken bone

(2) : a metal peg that is used to fasten the artificial crown of a tooth to a prepared root

m. : the part of the bedding mortar that is forced into the holes extending through the brick



(1) : a small pointed and headed piece of brass or other wire commonly tinned and used for fastening clothes, attaching papers, and similar purposes

(2) : something very small : a thing of small value : trifle

doesn't care a pin for her


(1) : a decorative fastener in the form of a straight pointed wire with a plain or ornamented head (as a tiepin or hatpin) or a small ornamental plaque often jeweled with a fastening device on the back (as a breastpin or bar pin)

(2) : an ornament (as a brooch) having a pin fastener on the back


(1) : bobby pin

(2) : hairpin

(3) : safety pin

d. : a needlelike device typically one of a series of perforators whose puncture in a printed sheet serves as a reference point for accurate positioning and correct folding — called also point

3. archaic : frame of mind : mood — usually used in such phrases as on a merry pin, in a merry pin


a. chiefly dialect : point , pinnacle , apex

b. chiefly Scotland : the projecting part of the hipbone especially of a horse

5. : leg — usually used in plural

pretty wobbly on his pins

6. : a very small knot in a bow or bow stave

7. : a cask of 1/2 firkin capacity ; also : this capacity as a unit of measure

8. : a handled knife with a blade of triangular section used especially to remove the bloom from freshly tanned leather — called also striking pin


[ pin (II) ]

: a fall in wrestling

10. : a fabric with designs as small and fine as the point, head, or width of a pin

II. verb

( pinned ; pinned ; pinning ; pins )

Etymology: Middle English pinnen, from pin (I)

transitive verb



(1) : to fasten, join, or secure with a pin, peg, or bolt

pin joists and girders

pin a rose to a dress

pin a fractured hip with steel needles

(2) : to transfix with a pin or other sharp-pointed instrument

an entomologist pinning a butterfly — Coleman Rosenberger

b. : to secure (hair) in place with a pin used for arranging or setting

c. : to fit (a garment) by securing adjustments of width or length with pins — usually used with in, out, or up

pin up a hem

d. : to present (a girl) with a fraternity pin as a pledge of affection

she is pinned to the captain of the football team


[Middle English pinnen, perhaps alteration of pinden to put in a pound — more at pind ]

: enclose , confine , pen , impound

held twice their number pinned within their works — J.A.Froude


a. obsolete : underpin

b. : to fill in (as a rubble wall) with small wedges or spalls of stone mortar

c. obsolete : to face especially with marble


a. : to make absolutely dependent or contingent : attach firmly or bindingly — used with on or to

pin their hope of universal salvation on some cause — M.R.Cohen

pinning its destiny to a weak ally — New Republic

b. : to assign the blame or responsibility for : fix by proof or strong presumption — usually used with on

pin a murder on an innocent woman — Sydney (Australia) Bulletin

pins all the woes of the world on grog — John Lardner


a. : to hold or keep especially as to a line of conduct or debate : keep from evading an issue — usually used with down

pin philosophy down and make it talk sense — Charles Frankel

pin the author … down to a definite statement — Deems Taylor

impossible to pin him down to anything — D.G.Gerahty

b. : to define clearly or unequivocally : fix , establish — usually used with down

cannot pin down the essence of poetry — C.I.Glicksberg

the subject is not easy to pin down — Stuart Chase

6. : to make (a chess opponent's man) unable to move without exposing the king to check or a valuable piece to capture


a. : to hold fast or immobile in a spot or position

pinned his arms to his sides

pinned an enemy to his ground by powerful infantry attacks — Tom Wintringham

pinned down by fallen rock

pinned down by heavy enemy shelling

b. of a wrestler : to secure a fall over (an opponent)

c. of a bird dog : to detect and show (game)

intransitive verb

of a file : to become clogged so that the adhering filings scratch the work

- pin one's ears back

III. adjective

Etymology: pin (I)

1. : of or relating to a pin

2. of leather : having a grain suggesting pinheads — see pin seal

IV. noun

1. : something that resembles a pin especially in slender elongated form

an electrical connector pin

2. : piton 2

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