Meaning of RENDER in English


v. 1 depict, picture, represent, reproduce, portray, create, produce, do, execute, make, accomplish, achieve The artist rendered this portrait of the family from a photograph 2 make, cause to be or become The news of winning the lottery rendered me speechless 3 give (up), yield (up), surrender, relinquish, resign, cede, deliver, hand over, tender, offer, proffer, present, furnish, provide The inscription on the tomb has still not rendered up its secret To Caesar will I render my legions and my horse. 4 play, perform She rendered a fugue most beautifully on a harpsichord 5 deliver, return The jury rendered a verdict of Guilty 6 translate, decode, decipher, transcribe, convert, explain, interpret, put, restate, reword, rephrase She rendered the passage into idiomatic English 7 deliver, hand in, present, offer, proffer, furnish, provide, tender They rendered their invoice for the work already done 8 Usually, Brit render down. melt, clarify, extract The fat must be rendered down before it can be used for making soap

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