Meaning of RIGHT in English


adj. 1 just, moral, good, proper, correct, legal, lawful, licit, honest, upright, righteous, virtuous, ethical, fair, true, honourable, right-minded, principled, open, above-board There is no doubt in my mind that Simon can be relied on to do the right thing 2 correct, fitting, suitable, proper, accurate, exact, precise, perfect; factual, truthful, veracious, valid, sound, Colloq Brit bang on, spot on Have you bought the right kind of nail to go into plaster? Jennie had nine right answers out of ten How many of yours are right? 3 propitious, convenient, strategic, advantageous, beneficial, favourable, auspicious, preferred, preferable, promising It is critical for the mixture to reach the boiling point at exactly the right time 4 sound, sane, normal, rational, lucid, healthy Is she right in the head, letting him drive in his condition? 5 right-hand, dextral, dexter, Nautical starboard In the United Kingdom, drivers sit on the right side 6 rightist, right-wing, conservative, reactionary, Tory The right wing of the liberal party is not so very different from the left wing of the conservatives 7 face, upper, principal, front Have you laid the tablecloth right side up? 8 utter, complete, perfect, unmitigated, unalloyed, out-and-out, thorough, thoroughgoing, 24-carat or esp US 24-karat, dyed in the wool, pure, absolute, real, Brit proper I've been a right idiot not to realize that he loved only her

n. 9 privilege, prerogative, licence, power, claim, title, freedom, liberty We must allow nothing to interfere with our democratic rights, such as our right to vote 10 justice, reason, fact, truth, fairness, equity, good, goodness, integrity, virtue, virtuousness, honesty, honourableness, morality, propriety, rectitude, right-mindedness, high-mindedness, nobility, uprightness He believes that he has right on his side 11 right side or hand or fist, Nautical starboard She stood on his right She gave him a quick right to the jaw. 12 by rights. properly, fairly, justly, to be just, to be fair, in fairness, honestly, in all honesty, to be honest By rights, because I paid for it, the house is mine

adv. 13 directly, straight, straightaway, right away or off, in a beeline, as the crow flies, forthwith; unhesitatingly, immediately, promptly, at once, instantly, without hesitating or hesitation, without delay, quickly, swiftly, speedily, Colloq pronto, straight off The minute he walked into the room, he went right to the wall-safe Please come over right now. 14 exactly, precisely, unerringly, accurately; just She hung the paintings right where they belonged 15 just, only I stopped right now - when you walked in 16 well, satisfactorily, advantageously, profitably, favourably, opportunely I hope that everything turns out right for you 17 correctly, accurately, properly, precisely, well, sensibly, fittingly, suitably, aptly If you can't do it right, why bother doing it at all!

v. 18 straighten (up or out), set upright or aright I righted all the chairs the children had knocked over 19 put or set or make right, put or set to rights, correct, straighten out, redress, amend, make up for, rectify, sort out, repair, fix She has always felt that her mission in life was to right wrongs 20 avenge, retaliate for, vindicate, repay, revenge, settle, Colloq get even for Langdon swore that he would right the injury done to his father's name

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