Meaning of START in English

v. 1 Often, start off or up. begin, commence, get (something) going, get off the ground, originate, initiate, open, set in motion, activate, embark on; set in motion, turn or switch on, crank up, Colloq kick off They started operations at once I can't start my car. 2 Often, start off or up or in. arise, come up, come to be or into being, emerge, crop up, develop, begin, commence, get under way, originate How did this situation start? 3 Often, start off or up or in go, leave, depart, get going, move (off or out or on), get under way, set off or out or forth, Colloq hit the road, get the show on the road You start and I'll follow shortly 4 Often, start in. begin, commence, get or start the ball rolling, get things under way, be on one's way, get going When I went in I found that she had started without me 5 jump, flinch, blench, quail, shy, recoil, wince, shrink, draw back He started when he saw her suddenly behind him in the mirror 6 cause to spring or leap or dart or jump or bound Any abrupt movement will start the plovers from cover 7 establish, found, begin, set up, initiate, institute, create, father, give birth to, beget It was her ideas that started the current trend in mystery novels 8 bulge, protrude, stick out; Colloq US bug out Warping caused these boards to start from the floor When he saw what was in his swimming-pool, his eyes started from their sockets.

n. 9 beginning, opening, move This is not very good, but it's a start 10 beginning, commencement, opening, outset, onset, inception, start-up The start of the race is set for ten o'clock 11 beginning(s), inception, birth, initiation, onset, rise, genesis, creation, emergence, origin The start of the blues can be traced to New Orleans 12 opportunity, chance, beginning; help, assistance, aid, backing, financing, sponsorship, encouragement, Colloq break Her father-in-law gave her the start she needed in business 13 head start, advantage, edge, lead, Colloq (the) jump, US and New Zealand drop (on someone) Having the inside track gave her a start on the competition If he has a ten-minute start, we'll never catch him. 14 inauguration, opening, beginning, initiation, Colloq kick-off When is the start of the salmon fishing season this year? 15 beginning(s), founding, foundation, establishment, inception, birth, origin: This company had its start in 1781

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