Meaning of SUBJECT in English


n. 1 (subject-)matter, topic; issue, theme, angle, thesis, gist, substance, business, affair, point What is the subject of conversation today? The subject under discussion was of crucial importance 2 course (of study), field, area, discipline, branch of knowledge In which subject did Frank take his doctorate? 3 cause, ground(s), motive, reason, basis, source, rationale; excuse Increased taxes are always a subject of complaint 4 participant, case, guinea-pig, testee The subjects of the experiment were all in their thirties 5 citizen, national; taxpayer, voter; liegeman, vassal She became a British subject after her marriage to Frank

adj. 6 Usually, subject to. exposed (to), open (to), vulnerable (to), susceptible (to), prone (to), disposed (to), at the mercy (of), liable (to suffer or undergo) She is subject to asthma attacks This kind of wood is subject to worm infestation. 7 discussed, under discussion, referred to, above The subject book was not returned before the due date 8 subject to. a answerable to, responsible for, bound by, obedient to, subservient to, submissive to, controlled by, under the control of You are subject to the same laws as everyone else b dependent on, conditional on, contingent on All leave is subject to the approval of the departmental head

v. 9 subject to. expose, lay open, submit, put through, impose on, cause to undergo How could anyone subject another human being to such cruelty? 10 conquer, subjugate, dominate, subdue, enslave, enthral, crush, humble: The peoples subjected by the Romans sometimes fared better than when independent

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