Meaning of WHITE in English


adj. 1 snow-white, snowy, chalk-white, chalky, ivory, creamy, milky, milk-white, oyster-white, off-white; silver, hoary Many buildings in the tropics are painted white Do you believe that a person's hair can turn white overnight? 2 pale, pallid, pasty, wan, whey-faced, ashen, bloodless, drained, whitish, waxen, ghastly, ghostly, anaemic, dead white, deathly white, cadaverous, corpse-like Her black dress contrasted starkly with her white complexion 3 innocent, pure, unsullied, stainless, unblemished, spotless, immaculate, virginal, virtuous, undefiled, chaste She came to you with white hands, which you have sought to dirty with your vicious accusations 4 Caucasian, Caucasoid, light-skinned, fair-skinned, pale-complexioned The American Indian was - and still is - treated very unfairly by the White man

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