Meaning of DUMMY in English


n., adj., & v.

--n. (pl. -ies)

1. a model of a human being, esp.: a a ventriloquist's doll. b a figure used to model clothes in a shop window etc. c a target used for firearms practice.

2 (often attrib.) a a counterfeit object used to replace or resemble a real or normal one. b a prototype, esp. in publishing.

3 colloq. a stupid person.

4 a person taking no significant part; a figurehead.

5 Brit. a rubber or plastic teat for a baby to suck on.

6 an imaginary fourth player at whist, whose hand is turned up and played by a partner.

7 Bridge a the partner of the declarer, whose cards are exposed after the first lead. b this player's hand.

8 Mil. a blank round of ammunition.

9 colloq. a dumb person.

--adj. sham; counterfeit.

--v.intr. (-ies, -ied) Football make a pretended pass or swerve etc.

Phrases and idioms:

dummy run

1. a practice attack, etc.; a trial run.

2 a rehearsal. dummy up US sl. keep quiet; give no information. sell the (or a) dummy Rugby Football colloq. deceive (an opponent) by pretending to pass the ball.

Etymology: DUMB + -Y(2)

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