Meaning of MAN in English


n. & v.

--n. (pl. men)

1. an adult human male, esp. as distinct from a woman or boy.

2 a a human being; a person (no man is perfect). b human beings in general; the human race (man is mortal).

3 a person showing characteristics associated with males (she's more of a man than he is).

4 a a worker; an employee (the manager spoke to the men). b a manservant or valet. c hist. a vassal.

5 a (usu. in pl.) soldiers, sailors, etc., esp. non-officers (was in command of 200 men). b an individual, usu. male, person (fought to the last man). c (usu. prec. by the, or poss. pron.) a person regarded as suitable or appropriate in some way; a person fulfilling requirements (I'm your man; not the man for the job).

6 a a husband (man and wife). b colloq. a boyfriend or lover.

7 a a human being of a specified historical period or character (Renaissance man). b a type of prehistoric man named after the place where the remains were found (Peking man; Piltdown man).

8 any one of a set of pieces used in playing chess, draughts, etc.

9 (as second element in comb.) a man of a specified nationality, profession, skill, etc. (Dutchman; clergyman; horseman; gentleman).

10 a an expression of impatience etc. used in addressing a male (nonsense, man!). b colloq. a general mode of address among hippies etc. (blew my mind, man!).

11 (prec. by a) a person; one (what can a man do?).

12 a person pursued; an opponent etc. (the police have so far not caught their man).

13 (the Man) US sl. a the police. b Blacksl. White people.

14 (in comb.) a ship of a specified type (merchantman; Indiaman). (manned, manning)

1. supply (a ship, fort, factory, etc.) with a person or people for work or defence etc.

2 work or service or defend (a specified piece of equipment, a fortification, etc.) (man the pumps).

3 Naut. place men at (a part of a ship).

4 fill (a post or office).

5 (usu. refl.) fortify the spirits or courage of (manned herself for the task).

Phrases and idioms:

as one man in unison; in agreement. be a man be courageous; not show fear. be one's own man

1. be free to act; be independent.

2 be in full possession of one's faculties etc. man about town a fashionable man of leisure. man and boy from childhood. man-at-arms (pl. men-at-arms) archaic a soldier, esp. when heavily armed and mounted. man Friday see FRIDAY. man-hour (or day etc.) an hour (or day etc.) regarded in terms of the amount of work that could be done by one person within this period. man in the moon the semblance of a face seen on the surface of a full moon. man in (US on) the street an ordinary average person, as distinct from an expert. man-made (esp. of a textile fibre) made by man, artificial, synthetic.

man of God

1. a clergyman.

2 a male saint. man of honour a man whose word can be trusted. man of the house the male head of a household. man of letters a scholar; an author. man of the moment a man of importance at a particular time.

man of straw

1. an insubstantial person; an imaginary person set up as an opponent.

2 a stuffed effigy.

3 a person undertaking a financial commitment without adequate means.

4 a sham argument set up to be defeated. man-of-war an armed ship, esp. of a specified country. man of the world see WORLD.

man-size (or -sized)

1. of the size of a man; very large.

2 big enough for a man. man to man with candour; honestly. men's (or men's room) a usu. public lavatory for men. my (or my good) man a patronizing mode of address to a man. separate (or sort out) the men from the boys colloq. find those who are truly virile, competent, etc. to a man all without exception.


manless adj.

Etymology: OE man(n), pl. menn, mannian, f. Gmc

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