Meaning of METAL in English


n., adj., & v.


1. a any of a class of chemical elements such as gold, silver, iron, and tin, usu. lustrous ductile solids and good conductors of heat and electricity and forming basic oxides. b an alloy of any of these.

2 material used for making glass, in a molten state.

3 Heraldry gold or silver as tincture.

4 (in pl.) the rails of a railway line.

5 road-metal (see ROAD(1)).

--adj. made of metal. (metalled, metalling; US metaled, metaling)

1. provide or fit with metal.

2 Brit. make or mend (a road) with road-metal.

Phrases and idioms:

metal detector an electronic device giving a signal when it locates metal. metal fatigue fatigue (see FATIGUE n. 2) in metal.

Etymology: ME f. OF metal or L metallum f. Gk metallon mine

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