Meaning of PIG OUT in English

intransitive verb (Lifestyle and Leisure) In US slang: to overindulge one's appetite, to overeat; to 'make a pig of oneself'. Etymology: Formed by adding out to the verb pig in the sense 'to act or eat like a pig', making a phrasal verb on the same model as mellow out and max out (see max). History and Usage: The expression pig out has probably been in spoken use in US English for some considerable time, but in the late seventies and eighties it started to appear in printed sources, often without any indication of its slang origins. Typically, one pigs out on a particular food; a binge of overindulgence can be referred to by the noun pigout. Troy and Vanessa...pig out for days on leftover Halloween candy. Jane Fonda Jane Fonda's Workout Book (1981), p. 29 To prevent Americans from pigging out on between-meal snacks, herewith some...tips. Time 11 May 1987, p. 29

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