Meaning of YIELD in English


vt to give a reward to; to bless.

2. yield ·vi to comply with; to assent; as, i yielded to his request.

3. yield ·vt to admit to be true; to concede; to allow.

4. yield ·vt to permit; to grant; as, to yield passage.

5. yield ·vi to give place, as inferior in rank or excellence; as, they will yield to us in nothing.

6. yield ·noun amount yielded; product;

— applied especially to products resulting from growth or cultivation.

7. yield ·vt to furnish; to afford; to render; to give forth.

8. yield ·vi to give up the contest; to submit; to surrender; to succumb.

9. yield ·vi to give way; to cease opposition; to be no longer a hindrance or an obstacle; as, men readily yield to the current of opinion, or to customs; the door yielded.

10. yield ·vt to give in return for labor expended; to produce, as payment or interest on what is expended or invested; to pay; as, money at interest yields six or seven per cent.

11. yield ·vt to give up, as something that is claimed or demanded; to make over to one who has a claim or right; to resign; to surrender; to relinquish; as a city, an opinion, ·etc.

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