Meaning of BOX in English

I. ˈbäks noun

( plural box or boxes )

Etymology: Middle English box, from Old English, from Latin buxus, from Greek pyxos

1. : an evergreen shrub or small tree of the genus Buxus ; especially : a widely cultivated typically large shrub ( B. sempervirens ) that is extensively used for hedges, borders, and topiary figures because of its slow growth and compact habit — see boxwood

2. Australia

a. : any of several trees of the genera Alyxia, Eucalyptus, Tristania, and Murraya which have timber resembling boxwood

b. : native box

II. noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English, from Late Latin buxis, from Greek pyxis, from pyxos boxtree


a. : a rigid typically rectangular receptacle often with a lid or cover in which something nonliquid is kept or carried

shoe box

money box

take along a box lunch

b. : something constructed of a flat bottom and four upright solid sides (as the carrying part of a wagon)

a box of growing seedlings

playing in the sand box

the box of a pickup truck

: frame , flask 2

c. : the contents of a box as a measure of quantity

5 cents a box

d. : a closed receptacle to hold contributions (as of money, letters, ballots)

e. Britain : the money contained in a box : fund

f. : the driver's seat on a carriage or coach

g. slang : guitar , banjo , fiddle

2. Britain : a gift (as at Christmas) in a box

have you given the postman his box

— see boxing day


a. in a theater : a space with chairs enclosed by partitions except toward the stage

the royal box

also : the occupants of such a space

a favorite of the boxes

b. : a group of spectator seats in a grandstand enclosed by railings

c. : a railed or partitioned enclosure provided for the jury or for witnesses in a courtroom

d. : a space partitioned off in a tavern or public eating house : booth

e. : box stall ; also : horse box


a. : a closed case or container for storing or shipping merchandise or belongings

b. Britain : trunk


a. : a boxlike protective covering, housing, or mechanical part (as for a bearing or bushing)

gear box

journal box

b. : an apparatus (as for sending a signal or fire alarm) with its enclosing case

police box

c. : the receptacle for a shuttle at the end of a loom lay

6. : a square or oblong division or compartment: as

a. : any of the compartments in a type case

b. : a cell or pigeonhole in a wall or rack for holding mail : post-office box

7. : a square or oblong hollow space or recess: as

a. : a recess cut into a tree to collect sap or resin

b. : the part of a window frame for sash windows in which the weight to counterpoise the sash moves up and down

c. : a recess in a window trim into which the shutters may fold

d. : a socket on a doorjamb for the bolt

e. : the portion of a gemstone setting that surrounds the precious stone ; also : a style of such setting


a. : a small simple sheltering or enclosing structure (as for a sentry or a watchman)

b. chiefly Britain : a simple cabin or cottage

a shooting box

c. : sinkbox

d. Britain : telephone booth


a. : printed matter set off by being enclosed or partly enclosed by rules or white space ; also : the rules or white space enclosing such matter

b. : a hollow rectangle in which a check mark is to be made

please check the box that applies to you

c. : a single unit of a comic strip

d. : line 12b

e. or box step : a combination of ballroom dance steps describing a rectangle on the floor


a. baseball

(1) : the space where the pitcher stands formerly outlined with rectangular lines but now marked only by the pitcher's plate

(2) : a space on either side of the home plate within which the batter must stand while batting

(3) : either of the rectangular spaces 15 feet from the diamond and opposite first base and third base respectively within which the coaches are required to stand

(4) : a triangular space behind the home plate in which the catcher must take his stand before every pitch — see baseball illustration

b. : gully 4


a. : boarded leather

b. : box calf

12. : a difficult situation : tight corner : fix , pickle

I must take some blame on myself for getting into this box — Walter H. Page

13. : a case that holds a pack of cards so that they may be dealt one by one in the game of faro — called also dealing box

14. : vulva — usually considered vulgar

- in the box

III. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )


a. obsolete : cup 1

b. : to cut a hole into (a tree) to collect sap or resin


a. : to furnish (as a wheel hub) with a box

b. Britain : to give a Christmas box to

3. : to enclose in or as if in a box

boxed cigars

a boxed newspaper story

: stow — often with up

boxed up and put away

4. : boxhaul

5. : to enclose with boarding or lathing so as to bring to a required form — usually used with out or up

6. English & Scots law : to file (a document) with a court of law

7. Australia : to mix up : confuse , befuddle — orig. used of sheep; often used with up

8. : to mix (paint, varnish) by pouring back and forth between two containers

9. : to hem in (an opponent or a competitor) — usually used with in, out, or up

boxed out the opposing tackle

boxed in by a horse to his right

10. : to stack (ceramic ware) in a kiln

11. : to bet on (a specified number to win) in certain games and lotteries ; specifically : to bet on each of the 6 permutations of (a 3-digit number) in the numbers game

- box the compass

- box the heart

IV. noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English

: a blow with the fist : buffet ; specifically : a cuff on the ear

V. verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

transitive verb


a. obsolete : to hit with the hand or fist

b. : to slap smartly in the region of (the ears)

boxed his ears

2. : to engage in boxing with (a person)

intransitive verb

: to fight with the fists : engage in boxing

Synonyms: see strike

VI. noun

1. : the female genitalia — usually considered vulgar


a. : television ; especially : a television set

b. : a usually self-contained piece of electronic equipment

c. : boom box herein

3. : a house or office building resembling a box especially in shape

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