Meaning of DELIVERY in English

-v(ə)rē, -ri noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English deliverie, from deliveren to deliver + -ie -y

1. : a delivering from restraint : rescue , release , liberation

delivery of a captive from a dungeon


a. : the act of delivering up or over : transfer of the body or substance of a thing : surrender

an agreement to make delivery of the bonds

b. : the physical and legal transfer of a shipment from consignor to carrier, between carriers, and from transport agency to consignee

c. : the act of putting property into the legal possession of another

the delivery of a fort

delivery of hostages

whether involving the actual transfer of the physical control of the object from one to the other or being constructively effected in various other ways (as by the handing over of something symbolical of the thing sought to be delivered)

d. : an act or instance of delivery

we are prepared to make daily deliveries

: something delivered at one time or in one unit

each delivery will include five gross of assorted novelties

e. : a truck or other vehicle used for delivering merchandise especially to retail customers

f. : an organization that engages to deliver goods (as retail parcels) within a local area


a. : the act of giving birth : the expulsion or extraction of a fetus and its membranes : parturition

b. : the procedure of delivering the fetus and placenta by manual, instrumental, or surgical means

4. : utterance especially of words : a delivering especially of a speech ; often : manner or style of uttering in speech or song : enunciation


a. : the act or manner of sending forth, discharging, or throwing (as a baseball)

b. : a pitched or bowled ball

6. archaic : the act of exerting one's strength or limbs : bodily poise : bearing

7. obsolete : the act of communicating : statement , narration , account

8. : the manner or form of output of a textile machine

delivery of the untwisted sliver

9. : a part of certain printing presses that receives and stacks the printed sheets

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