Meaning of STRIKE OUT in English


I. transitive verb

1. : to create or form with apparent ease : produce as if by a stroke

struck out the fundamental method … now used by all aesthetic historians — Gilbert Highet

2. : to enter vigorously and suddenly on

breaking free from the family tradition and striking out a line of his own — Sheila Kaye-Smith

3. : to retire (a baseball batter) by a strikeout

allowed two walks and struck out eight

intransitive verb

1. : to enter vigorously and suddenly upon a course of action

had struck out for himself and refused to live the tame easy life that he could have lived — Frank Sargeson

2. : to set out in a vigorous or sudden manner

struck out in the direction … the miller had indicated — T.B.Costain

3. : to make an out in baseball by a strikeout

had a single, walked, and struck out twice

II. intransitive verb

: fail 2e

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