Meaning of TOAST in English


I. ˈtōst verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English tosten, from Middle French toster, from Late Latin tostare to roast, from Latin tostus, past participle of torrēre to dry, parch — more at thirst

transitive verb

1. obsolete : to make thoroughly hot and dry by or as if by the action of fire or the sun


a. : to make (as bread) crisp, hot, and brown by the action of heat

a toasted cheese sandwich

toast the bread very dark

b. : to warm thoroughly usually before a fire

toasting his toes on the fender

intransitive verb

: to become toasted

stale bread toasts best

usually : to warm thoroughly

sitting toasting in the sun

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English toste, toost, from tosten, v.


a. : a slice or piece of toasted bread — used in the phrase as warm as a toast

b. : sliced bread browned on both sides by a source of heat

c. : food prepared with toasted or other recooked bread — see french toast , milk toast

d. : a light brown that is yellower and deeper than blush and stronger and slightly darker than cork — compare toast brown


[so called from the fact that pieces of spiced toast were used to flavor drinks]

a. archaic : a young woman in whose honor admirers drink : one such whose health is frequently proposed because of her beauty or charm

b. : a person whose health is drunk ; broadly : something in honor of which persons drink : a sentiment that is drunk to

c. : a person who is the subject of public adulation

as preacher at Notre Dame Cathedral, was the toast of Paris — E.O.Hauser

the unquestioned toast of the season was the English soprano — Information Please Almanac


[ toast (III) ]

: an act of proposing or of drinking in honor of a toast

a dinner without toasts

III. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: toast (II)

transitive verb

: to propose or drink to as a toast : drink to the health or in honor of

toast the flag

the two antagonists were toasting each other's health — Mary K. Hammond

intransitive verb

: to drink toasts : propose a toast

IV. noun

: a rhyming narrative poem existing in oral tradition among black Americans

• toast intransitive verb

• toaster noun

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