Meaning of CD_LOAD in English



(Cydoor Desktop Media)

Ad serving software for the Cydoor "adware". Cydoor Desktop Media specializes in "delivering targeted banner, button, pop-up, or keyword ads and messages". It markets itself with software developers who include Cydoor within their software : this enables them to allow you to use the software free of charge while they get revenue through advertisements displayed either within their software, or while you are browsing the Internet. Cydoor’s website indicates that products such as Opera, Kazaa, iMesh, and JetAudio use Cydoor. CD_LOAD, part of the Cydoor software, runs in the background to detect the presence of an Internet connection. As soon as you are connected to the Internet, it downloads ads for you to view.

Recommendation :

Get rid of it. As always : by connecting to advertising servers and pulling up advertisements, any adware software slows down your Internet connection. Additionally no-one likes popups or obtrusive advertising which is what we term products like Cydoor. Banner advertising or side bar advertising on websites is fine, but ads which pop up in your face as extra windows while you browse are an absolute nightmare in our opinion. You can get rid of Cydoor with SpyBot Search & Destroy which you will find in our

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