Русско-английский перевод СООТВЕТСТВОВАТЬ


см. тж. вписываться в ; находиться в соответствии с ; согласовываться с

• The results are consistent with what is expected.

• The results check with observations.

• These trends in properties correlate ( or accord ) with our model of the atom.

• When the energy difference between the two levels is matched by the energy of the photons ( когда энергия фотонов соответствует ... ) .

• The molecular dimensions of the organic solvent match those of the solute.

• To every organism ( there ) corresponds an abstract topological space and ...

• The core identification tapes shall comply with the requirements for insulating papers.

• The instrument conforms to the specification.

• The data fit the present curves reasonably well.

• Equation (6.26) fits the data fairly well.

• The numbers given to the contact blades are in line with the pin numbers on the octal base.

• Their analyses are in agreement ( or in keeping ) with experimental observations.

• The tooling is peculiar to the product being machined.

• This feed rate is appropriate to the length to be delivered.

• The position of the bulb corresponds to the true horizon.

• This will make the controlled variable response fall within the specifications.

• Because all chemical processes are reversible there is for every exoergic reaction a corresponding endoergic one.

• For each signal there is only one response.

Циммерман М., Веденеева К.. Русско-Английский научно-технический словарь переводчика.      Russian-English scientific dictionary for translators.